Halona Farms was designed to produce the largest volume of certified nutrition rich barley sprouts at the lowest cost, to feed high-density equine population areas. Traditional hay/alfalfa production has led to soil degradation, water waste, diseases that require the use of herbicides, pesticides, and fungicides, and bales of hay/alfalfa containing contaminants, including mold.

At Halona Farms we are redesigning the entire equine barley sprouts supply chain from start to finish. Halona Farms begins with farming barley in the fields of Kansas, handling and managing produced crops, including a seed conditioning facility to secure a supply of premium, seed-quality barley for the production of fresh sprouted barley grass. By storing a barley seed inventory, we can withstand any unforeseen disruptions in the production of fresh grown barley sprouts in Wellington, Florida.

Halona Farms possesses the exclusive contractual rights to the production and sale of the premium barley variety, TAMBAR 501, developed and released by Texas A&M University, which has been registered for intellectual property rights protection under a U.S. Plant Variety Protection Certificate.

Halona Farms builds large-scale farms in density rich equine locations, optimizing a specific certified barley grass yield, and then distributing the nutritional barley sprouts daily to horse farms. Our farm is designed to effortlessly plug into Wellington’s existing infrastructure.

Halona Farms growing facility is built on transparency, the highest quality components and experienced growers. Our Wellington facility includes the highest quality water filtration system, a hermetically sealed facility with controlled air pressure to eliminate inborn air contaminants, an environmentally controlled system to control fresh air flow and humidity levels for optimum growing conditions, a backup power generating plant, and a proprietary tray system for enhanced water flow with anti-bacterial properties to eliminate mold. Halona Farms is a “clean room” to grow the most nutritionally fresh barley sprouts, delivered daily!

Nationally recognized veterinarians and equine services at major universities support the use of nutritional barley sprouts as a part of your equine’s daily dietary needs. By combining a 50% mix of your existing hay/alfalfa with our nutritional barley sprouts, your equine will experience better overall health; reduce the risks of colic, ulcers, laminitis, inflammation and other ailments. Get a copy of our Nutritional Fact Label from our third-party testing laboratory, Kappa Laboratories in Miami, Florida.

Kappa Laboratories, Inc. is a full-service microbiological and chemical testing laboratory for government regulatory testing, pharmaceutical analysis, microbiological analysis, meat testing, chemical analysis as well as quality control analysis. Halona Farms tests our grown barley sprouts on a periodic basis to ensure the highest nutritional value.